Luxury Kitchen Ideas

Make your house a home with a luxury kitchen design from Davies & Davies

Luxury Kitchen Idea

If you are a regular host and cooking fanatic or simply just after a bespoke look then a luxury kitchen from Davies & Davies Bespoke Interiors is definitely worthwhile. When designing a kitchen a luxurious space is often a priority. When transforming this space there are several things to consider. Below we offer a some guidance to you along with ideas on creating that luxury kitchen. From kitchen storage, to retro designs to luxury kitchen islands. 

Luxury Kitchen Storage

Every kitchen design needs storage which is sufficient for purpose. In your luxury kitchen design you usually have more flexibility to be more creative with your storage. Integrating your storage solutions into the design of your bespoke kitchen for a magnificent effect. 

In our luxury kitchen designs we can incorporate modern suspended shelving designs which fit seamlessly into a minimalist design. For our lovers of traditional kitchen designs we can provide open shelving which adds a homely touch to your end product. All our storage options don't take away any practicality from the design in fact they add functionality for our customers. 

Kitchen Storage by langley

Combine Classic & Contemporary Kitchen Designs

To achieve equilibrium and elegance within your luxury kitchen why not combine classic and contemporary kitchens together to get a truly astonishing end product. Classic kitchens are all about craftsmanship that avoid overriding decor. This allows you to enjoy a luxurious look that can sometimes go under the radar. 

Blending this with a contemporary painted finish which involves sleek modern worktops and top of the range appliances again offering a cohesive, minimal scheme will leave your guests truly amazed with the truly luxurious design that can be created.

luxury kitchen design ideas

Create A Minimalist Kitchen

When creating your luxury kitchen a minimalist design is a perfect choice. By keeping your luxury kitchen furniture to a minimum this gives you the chance to really put the time and money into high quality, hand painted cabinets, appliances and surfaces. 

Our minimalist luxury kitchen design can be tailored to your bespoke needs. Involving clever storage. Modern and classic designs depending on your home layout. Using our award winning designers professional outlook to create a sophisticated, streamlined finish. Whilst still allowing great space to entertain.  

Langley luxury kitchen

Open Plan - If You Can

We would recommend if you have a substantial outdoor area or garden which leads onto your kitchen that you open it up! This will create a space for outdoor living or even an outdoor dining area. Our luxury kitchen design including our open plan designs connect the great outdoors with your luxurious kitchen space within your home. Just imagine the continuous flooring and outward opening doors. An open plan luxury kitchen design gives you endless possibilities for dining and entertaining.

Make Your Luxury Kitchen Different

All luxury kitchen needs to make a statement. We would advise our customers to use a bold colour and test with multiple shades of this colour to find your perfect match. We would also urge you to be different. Your luxury kitchen is luxury for a reason and that's because it is like no other this can be a retro design with a modern twist. Incorporating a central island with various lighting effects. Or even a a classic take on modern decor. Contact us today for more information on our luxury kitchen ideas.

Luxurious kitchen ideas