Montreal Luxury Kitchens

The majestic qualities of this Montreal kitchen are evident in its contrasting finishes and key design features, bringing together style and elegance in perfect harmony. At once, the sheer luxury and ornate detailing offered by the Montreal kitchen are apparent, using both curves and straight lines to create a classically exquisite space. Adorned with original accessories such as inset trays, spice drawers and carved pull-out cutting boards, the island becomes a key focal point, boasting a circular end unit that reflects the curved doors used in the adjacent tallhousings.

The overmantle cleverly takes centre stage by featuring both finishes together and drawing further attention to this area is the inclusion of feature frames on either side. Internal cabinet lighting can be used here to accentuate glass or crockery displayed within. Also incorporated into the design is a castellated rail, adding a traditional touch that complements beautifully the ornate ceiling cornice and bringing together the overall look and feel of this incredible kitchen.

The kitchen shown here features Montreal Painted White Cotton (wall & base units on left, island, overmantle) and Montreal White Oak (wall & base units at back, bench seating, curved tallhousings, mantle shelf).