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Our Philosophy

Attention to detail is the cornerstone of the davies & davies brand. Every bespoke kitchen is built specifically for each individual client. Whether it applies to the full room design or an individual signature piece. Every detail is carefully considered, from the overall look of your kitchen furniture and how it will integrate into your home, right down to the choice of hinges and handles. Browse our spectacularly beautiful kitchens collections below for initial design inspiration. The craftsman at davies & davies will draw on their passion for design and their artistry to create made-to-order cabinetry. Providing functionally exquisite interiors that will last you a lifetime.

Who Are davies & davies Bespoke Interiors?

We are a collection of designers and craftsmen who are all highly skilled in the production of exquisite kitchen furniture to perfectly suit your luxury home. We are also men and women who live in the real world and know what works and what doesn’t. Our own experiences, influences and passion are ingrained into every design we create, paying meticulous attention to detail. Every piece of timber we shape and every hinge or handle we install in your bespoke kitchen, can benefit from our knowledge and skill.
We want you to be as passionate about your furniture as we are. We take it very personally and so it is in our interests to devise cabinetry that will provide joy, inspiration and utterly kitchen perfection for many years to come.

The Materials We Use

The use of only the very finest materials in the production of our doors and accessories is not just encouraged, it is essential. Our eco-friendly timber is sourced from sustainable forests and goes through a rigorous selection process in order to be deemed suitable for our products. Our top-of-the-range paint and lacquer finishes, handles, hinges and even our catches are derived from suppliers who are the best in the business, ensuring that each and every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop cannot be matched for quality or design.

Our Showroom

A warm friendly greeting will await all of our customers who visit our showroom. The beautiful bespoke kitchen furniture will truly blow you away and we will ensure all of your needs are taken care of. Please note that visits to our luxury showroom are appointment only. Allowing you to explore our kitchen range in peace and tranquillity. Click here to learn more about our showroom. 

Our Colour Palette

  • Brilliant White

  • Porcelain

  • Shell

  • White Cotton

  • Cream

Our Skill & Service?

It is the life’s work of the craftsmen at davies & davies to meet your exacting specifications. With their incomparable level of service and skill, their quest is to satisfy every client’s individual needs and desires, resulting in furniture that is unparalleled in terms of design, construction and finish.

From inception to delivery, our service ensures that you are considered and cared for and, you would be forgiven for thinking that you are our only client! We will not be happy until your furniture is delivered, fully installed and performing just the way you dreamed it would.

Our Value?

The value of davies & davies lies in the exceptional quality and design of its furniture. We, unlike many other manufacturers, truly believe that our products will enhance your life because they are carefully and lovingly considered from the beginning of their existence.

From the precise choosing of our timbers to the finishing process of our doors and accessories and finally the overall construction, the craftsmen at davies & davies know that they are providing more than just furniture, they are providing a valuable and useful addition to your home.

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